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the "Sacred Insence Burner" women

...Fragrances of Spirit from Colombia

עשנים קדושים פוסטר לפייסבוק.jpeg
Yami shares about the work of the Sahumadoras 
and about the Initiation that she offers

We are so excited to announce that two incredible and magical Medicine women from Colombia are coming in service for the women of Israel, to share teachings and knowledge of the ancient Sacred Incense Burners of Colombia, the “Humitos Sagrados”

They bring to Israel healing and knowledge from ancient traditions of sacred feminine work, in order to expand an ancient lineage of medicinal women who lead have led change in consciousness, radiated their power and healed their families and communities for thousands of years ...

The Medicine Women of Healing Plants:

~Angela Innes Via Cardona, her second visit to Israel in the last year. Angela will be offering workshops on Sacred Incense Burning, Womb Healing workshops, Sacred Circles of the Spoken Word, and private sessions

~Yami Campo Osorio, who is Angela’s teacher and initiator as a Sacred Incense Burner. Yami is Leader of Colombia's "Humitos Sagrados", a "Moon Dancer", carrier of the Moon and Sun Pipes of the Lakota Lakota, co-Founder of the Atlántida Ecological Community, in Colombia, coordinator of the Killawasi group of Sacred Feminine Wisdom for the last 13 years, and facilitator of women's circles.


"the gathering retrea of the medicinal women"

Friday 26th & Saturday 27th, Ometz

Over the course of two days, we will be creating the opportunity for women to come and freely choose from an incredible offering of experiences and workshops with Yami and Angela. Women are invited to come to one or more workshops on offer this weekend, or simply come and enjoy the full experience staying over at the eco-farm.

The Itinerary:

<<Friday 26th>>
10am – 12pm “Intro with Yami”
A Womens Circle with Yami sharing information about the upcoming Initiation retreat the following weekend. An opportunity to meet, to ask questions about the tradition, about Yami's way and about the initiation workshop.
Participation: The recommended donation is 50 NIS.

2pm – 6pm “Introduction to Sacred Tobacco with Angela”
A beautiful workshop to learn about and deepen the connection with the sacred tobacco and Rapé, the healing methods and ways of using this ancient and sacred plant, considered one of the most important by the majority of indigenous cultures around the world
Price: 300 NIS

20: 00-24: 00 Sweatlodge
"Stepping out into Freedom”
A beautiful and powerful healing and nourishing Sweatlodge (temazcal) lead by both medicine women to release and renew
What better opportunity to burn the chametz on this Pesach!
Price: 200 NIS

<<Saturday 27th>>
10am – 12pm a “Intro with Yami”
A Womens Circle with Yami sharing information about the upcoming Initiation retreat the following weekend. An opportunity to meet, to ask questions about the tradition, about Yami's way and about the initiation workshop.
Participation: The recommended donation is 50 NIS.

2pm – 5pm "Circle of Medicinal Women"
A circle of enriching and empowering dialogue with Yami and Angela to learn and discuss female healing processes and working with herbs.
Price: 150 NIS

Link to the event page, for more details and to order tickets --->

- The entrance to the eco-farm is free for all
- There is the option to stay overnight (bring a tent) if you wish to enjoy the full two-day experience Cost: 100 NIS for sleeping over
- Food: There will be delicious home-made vegan Indian food on offer for purchase for Friday lunch / dinner and Saturday lunch. Payment directly to the food organisers
- Bringing children: It is recommended not to bring your children for a full experience, however if there is no choice, we will permit children as long as there is no interruption to the meetings / workshops taking place
- You can choose to join any or all of the workshops offered this weekend
- Tickets can be ordered through the site for each meeting separately.
- Integrated tickets for Fridays or all weekends are also available on site.

Link to event page for orders

>>>> Attention! ! ! 5% additional discount for purchasing each type of tickets through the site - with the coupon code: sahumadora <<<<
* Valid until 18/4

Yami's Initiation retreat workshop


We are so privileged to host two Initiation Retreats for women, led by Yami Campos and assisted by Angela.  These will be the first events of this kind in Israel and is a collaborative project with members of our Colombian Family “Spiral Seed” led by Hate Kulchavita, who has visited Israel before, to bring and share wisdom and teachings from the ancient tribes of these lands.


This is an extremely exciting opportunity for the women of Israel to receive and experience these teachings and initiations from the ancient feminine wisdom that derive from Pre-Hispanic history.

We are offering, for the first time in Israel, a sacred and empowering women's initiation workshop:


  • Thur 2nd – Sat 4th May at ADAMA Vegan GuestHouse, in the Western Galilee


For more details on Yami and initiation workshop ---> click here

Angela's workshops

During Passover, and before the Initiation Ceremonies of Yami, Angela will arrive and lead four 4-hour workshops:


1. Two Sacred Incense Workshops (mixed, women and men)

2. Two Womb Healing workshops "Womb Massage Meditation"

3. "Introduction to Sacred Tobacco" workshop


The 2 first workshops will be held in Pardes Hanna on Sunday 21 April & Monday 22nd (translation to English) and Tel Aviv / Jaffo on Tuesday 24th April & Wednesday 25th April (Hebrew translation). We will be offering one of each workshops in both locations.

The Introduction to Sacred Tobacco workshop is a special workshop that will be held as part of the gathering in Ometz


For more details (currently in hebrew) about Angela and her workshops during the Passover holidays ---> click here

discounts available

  • Early Birds Tickets: The first 10 tickets for each of the workshops will receive a discount of 10%


  • Multi-purchased tickets for two workshops with Angela will receive a 15% discount


  • Ticket-holders for the Women's Initiation Retreat with Yami will receive a 25% discount for Copalera (Sahumador) and any incense products from Wild-Matter


  • Each participant will receive a 10% discount to purchase at our store, with a coupon code to be offered at the relevant event


To explore our international store ----> Wild Matter Arts


Circles of the "sweet word"


In addition, we will offer for 2 or 3 "Sacred Circles of the Spoken Word" with Angela and Yuval / Emily. Here we will sit and talk about the work of the Spiral Seed, Hate Colchavita's teachings, spiritual-practical work and the opportunities for healing and learning with the Spiral Seed in Colombia, Europe and Israel...


The meetings are scheduled to take place during the morning on the dates of Angela’s workshops during the holidays 21-24th/4, between 9:00-12:00.

Recommended donation 50-100 NIS.

private sessions


For anyone who enquired about private sessions (either individual or for couples) with Angela, we will be offer time slots for the week after Passover 28/4-2/​​5.


Angela will be happy to receive women/couples for personal work including diagnosis, energy purification, counseling and guidance - in order to restore balance and harmony. (There is a possibility to combine womb healing massage during the session).


The meetings will take place in Tel Aviv / Ra'anana / Pardes Hanna and potentially in the north, based on demand.


Each personal session lasts an hour and a half and costs NIS 450


A Couples session lasts two hours and costs 600 NIS


* The amount of private sessions availability are limited, if this resonates deeply from within, please do not hesitate to be in touch and schedule a personal meeting with Angela


To schedule a meeting, email us stating your phone number, place of residence and your request ---->


We will respond as soon as possible and start coordinating the meetings on a first come first serve basis



He He Ahuya!


We look forward to meeting you on these special workshops and initiations, on the path of healing and empowerment in which we walk with love and joy!




*For any questions regarding registration, special requests and offers please call Yuval on 054-6356306

Women "Sacred Smokes" Initiation Retreat Workshops

with Yami Campo Osorio



The art of burning of herbs and herbal resins through Sacred Incense Healing is ancient old from pre-hispanic times and is present in almost all cultures. Incense has always accompanied us in everyday life, as well as in rituals and ceremonies, where its presence is necessary to remind us of the medicinal power of plants, the importance of communication with the spirits of the plants, and the power in us to offer gratitude, blessings and cleanses to people and spaces.

Many of our grandmothers have practiced this in many ways, and we all have this memory and information in our blood, which now returns to activate that ancestral memory necessary at this time.

Carriers of the Sacred Incense, these women are part of a lineage that has held this prayer from generation to generation, and we honor with them the women who opened this path of healing and recognition of all women as walkers of a path through which humanity finds comfort, harmony , beauty and peace.
Yami and the Sacred Humitos started in Colombia in 2014, initiated through Roxana Campos Araya "Roquita",

a Chilean medicine woman, carrier of the sacred fire Tolteca Mexica,

who shared this knowledge at the 10th Women's Meeting "Killawasi"

at the Atlántida ecovillage that Yami co-founded.


From there it has spread to different cities in Colombia where there are currently

groups of incense burners that are making their way as bearers of this legacy.

Initiations are the beginning of the path as a carrier of this sacred instrument.

First we focus on the work on ourselves with the intention to share this medicine

with other people and spaces.

It is an immersion where we open ourselves to healing amongst women and

receive instruction on this ancestral knowledge that we nurture with every

conscious step we take in our own growth.

This Initiation will be offered by Yami Campo Osorio

Yami is guardian of the fire of the Sacred Humitos in Colombia, Dancer of the Moon, carrier of the Lunar Pipe and the Lakota Solar Pipe, Co-founder of the Ecovillage Atlántida,  and coordinator of the Killawasi Meetings for the last 13 years, and facilitator of women's circles.

"Channels of heaven and earth, carriers of medicines of the earth, rising up in sacred smoke for the benefit of all beings"


Yami is member of the Sacred Humitos Sahumadora Community in Colombia. They are a collective of women from different backgrounds and walks of life and are united by the conviction that the unified strength of women is very powerful, activating and manifesting new realities.


This work starts within, to achieve manifest what we really want at a personal level and then at a collective level.

They are part of the Sacred Humites Network, also present in other countries such as Chile, Ecuador, Australia, Turkey, Holland and Spain.


They promote the strengthening of women, in their emotional, physical and spiritual dimensions, and  consider her an integral being, capable of empowering herself to assume the leadership of her own life and from there help to strengthen their families and communities.

Schedule and recommendations for your arrival and stay:

Arrival on Thursday in the afternoon 17:00
Welcome and accommodation
Space to share; preparation of plants and of palo santo.

Sunday 1st of July
First session; 
Second Session; 
Space to share

Monday, July 2
Sacred Walk in the hosting teritory

What to bring for initiation?

Ceremonial costume:
 White long skirt, white blouse or dress.
 Chumbe or red waistband (we will have some for sale)
 Red headband
 Red ribbons for hands and feet

Other important elements:
 Cloth or red scarf 
 Small bag or backpack to carry medicines
 Pareo or dress for temazcal 
 Notebook and pen
 A gift

For incense:
 Copal; (We will have for sale. 25% off for participants)
 Palo Santo; in chips (We will have for sale. 25% off for participants)
 Coal and matches or lighter
 Dry plants; Sage, cinnamon, clove, anise, bay leaf, thyme, sweet herbs such as basil, chamomile, rose petals, lavender etc., garlic peel, rosemary, rue, eucalyptus
 Camphor

Upcoming English tranlated Events for the "Sacred Smokes" Tour

  • סדנה-ריטריט-חניכה לנשים, עם יאמי - "העשנים הקדושים" - קהילת "אדמה" 2-4/05/19
    סדנה-ריטריט-חניכה לנשים, עם יאמי - "העשנים הקדושים" - קהילת "אדמה" 2-4/05/19
    יום ה׳, 02 במאי
    Location is TBD
    02 במאי 2019, 17:00 – 04 במאי 2019, 18:00
    Location is TBD
    02 במאי 2019, 17:00 – 04 במאי 2019, 18:00
    Location is TBD
    סדנאות החניכה הן תחילתו של נתיב נשיאתו של "קופאלרה", "סאהומאדור"- Sahumador ככלי קדושה. אנו מתמקדים תחילה בעבודה על המימד האישי, מתוך כוונה לצאת לדרך מתוך עצמיות מועצמת ולחלוק את הרפואה עם אנשים וחללים אחרים. *הסדנה תהיה בתרגום לאנגלית
  • ריטריט התכנסות נשות הרפואה - מושב אומץ 26-27/04/19
    ריטריט התכנסות נשות הרפואה - מושב אומץ 26-27/04/19
    יום ו׳, 26 באפר׳
    החווה של תומר פיין - מושב אומץ
    26 באפר׳ 2019, 10:00 – 27 באפר׳ 2019, 8:00
    החווה של תומר פיין - מושב אומץ, Ometz, Israel
    26 באפר׳ 2019, 10:00 – 27 באפר׳ 2019, 8:00
    החווה של תומר פיין - מושב אומץ, Ometz, Israel
    בסופ"ש המיוחד הזה, שסוגר את חג הפסח- נפתח מרחב להתכנסות נשית, שבו ניתן יהיה להגיע ולהכיר את יאמי ואנחלה, את עבודתן וגם להשתתף בסדנאות ומעגלים יחודיים, לנשים בלבד- בחוות הרפואה של תומר פיין במושב אומץ *הסדנאות יהיו בתרגום לאנגלית
  • סדנת ריפוי רחם עם אנחלה בפרדס חנה 22.4.19
    סדנת ריפוי רחם עם אנחלה בפרדס חנה 22.4.19
    יום ב׳, 22 באפר׳
    HaBotnim St 22
    22 באפר׳ 2019, 15:00 – 19:00
    HaBotnim St 22, HaBotnim St 22, Pardes Hanna-Karkur, Israel
    22 באפר׳ 2019, 15:00 – 19:00
    HaBotnim St 22, HaBotnim St 22, Pardes Hanna-Karkur, Israel
    עיסוי האקטיבציה של הרחם משלב "טכנולוגיות" ממסורות בנות אלפי שנים, והוא מתבצע דרך כל ממדי ההוויה. הוא מייצר איזון של הגוף החומרי עם הרוח שלנו. כאשר אנו אחד- גוף ורוח, אנחנו יכולים להשיג חיים מלאים, בריאים וליצור קשר עם מערכת היחסים הפנימית שלנו, המשתקפת ביחסים עם אחרים. *הסדנה תהיה בתרגום לאנגלית
  • סדנת קטורות עם אנחלה בפרדס חנה 21.4.19
    סדנת קטורות עם אנחלה בפרדס חנה 21.4.19
    יום א׳, 21 באפר׳
    HaBotnim St 22
    21 באפר׳ 2019, 15:00 – 19:00
    HaBotnim St 22, HaBotnim St 22, Pardes Hanna-Karkur, Israel
    21 באפר׳ 2019, 15:00 – 19:00
    HaBotnim St 22, HaBotnim St 22, Pardes Hanna-Karkur, Israel
    ה"הקטרה" היא רפואת האחווה - להפעיל את הרפואה של אהבתנו לעצמנו- זה להפעיל את התרופה של אהבתנו לגבריות ולנשיות הקדושה שלנו, זו הטבועה בנו... *הסדנה תהיה בתרגום לאנגלית
סדנאות חניכה
סדנת טבק
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